Today cannabis is known worldwide as a medicinal herb, one that can help manage a number of problems ranging from body aches to a severe case of anxiety. But cannabis is also popular among a lot of people for its ‘high’.

Cannabis contains Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC which is a psychoactive substance. When consumed in the right doses, the combination of THC with other cannabinoids can be beneficial. But, when you consume more than your body can handle, you end up with a negative cannabis high. It’s somewhat similar to a hangover after a few extra drinks except you feel the effects after a few hours. 

A negative high of cannabis is not the best feeling in the world. And it may not be easy for beginners to handle it properly. But, the good news is that cannabis high can be managed using a few tricks. 

Symptoms of a Negative Cannabis High

A cannabis high is a result of an overdose. Like every other medication, cannabis must be microdosed for optimal effects. But in most cases, lack of dosing can lead to beginners, even veteran users, consuming more than necessary. In such a case, the effects take a 180 degree turn and turn from therapeutic to side effects. 

You can expect the following side effects in case of a negative cannabis high:

  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Intolerable high
  • Impaired alertness
  • Brain Fog
  • Memory Loss
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

The severity of these effects vary from person to person. Factors like metabolism, setting, method of administration and dose can determine if your high will be severe or mild. 

For the sake of safety, it is best to be aware of the different ways of getting sober from a cannabis high. There are several ways you can try whenever you end up overdosing. Let’s take a look at some of them. 


7 Ways to Lower a Cannabis High

It’s very common for beginners to end up with a negative cannabis high. While it’s not fatal, the effects can be stronger than a person can handle. In case you end up in such a situation, try these 7 ways to lower a cannabis high. 



It may be hard to remind yourself to relax after a head high but you need to try. Remember, cannabis high is not fatal. And like every other bad hangover, cannabis high passes too. All you have to do is avoid panicking and relax your body and mind. 

In case you are not able to handle the effects well or need a little help to relax yourself, we have a few tricks that can help you relax and even lower your cannabis high. 


Hydrate and Eat

Water is the best way to handle the side effects of cannabis. Consuming high doses of THC often leads to cottonmouth, commonly known as a dry mouth. Consuming water before, during and after consuming THC or cannabis can help you deal with it effectively. Avoid any alcoholic drinks. Stick to plain water or even fruit juice. 

Though water doesn’t help flush out THC from your system, it will help you distract yourself and maintain proper hydration level to avoid dry mouth. 

Try eating light snacks or a nutritious meal to bring a balance in your body. Carbohydrates, lean protein and healthy fats are the best options for you. 



CBD is one of the other cannabinoids found in cannabis that is non-intoxicating and a great way to lower a cannabis high. 

As per a study, CBD is a negative allosteric modulator. This means that just as THC, CBD also binds to the CB receptor (same receptor but different activation site) and changes the shape of the receptor. This prevents THC from further activating the receptors. Result? No more cannabis high. 

So, keeping a few CBD tinctures or gummies (preferably isolates) can be a good way to counter the effects of THC. 


Try Home Remedies

Pepper and lemon take the top spots as a somewhat effective way of managing a high. 

While pepper contains a terpene called caryophyllene, lemon contains limonene. Both terpenes have anti-anxiety effects and can help counter paranoia and anxiety caused by a cannabis overdose. 

You can use the peppercorns by placing them under your tongue or by taking a good whiff. You can use lemon by adding it to water or licking a slice for best effects.

Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels

Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels


Distract Yourself

Take your mind away from the fact that you are high. As long as you can do it safely, distraction can be a foolproof way to tackle a cannabis high. Here are some ways that you can try to distract yourself:

  • Take a hot or cold bath.
  • Go for a walk. 
  • Talk to a friend.
  • Watch a movie. 
  • Listen to music.
  • Read a book. 

In the end, it’s all about the things you like or activities that will have a better chance in taking your mind away from the situation.



Microdosing cannabis is a preventive measure against a negative cannabis high. As we’ve discussed already, a negative high generally occurs after an overdose. So, the best way to tackle it would be by avoiding an overdose in the first place. 

Microdosing is a method that most people with a medical marijuana card might already be aware of. It involves sticking to a low dose and increasing the amount slowly after observing the effects. It helps cannabis consumers avoid overdosing and the negative high that follows. 


Sleep it Out

If nothing works for you, your last bet is to sleep it out. THC impairs alertness and causes fatigue. So, instead of fighting the effects, get cosy in your bed and sleep. It’s best to have a friend or a trustworthy person around you while you sleep to help you out in case something goes wrong. 

If the side effects linger after you wake up, take a bath, have a nutritious meal and relax. 

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels



Cannabis can cause intoxication whether used medically or recreationally. Microdosing and professional supervision is the best way to avoid any negative effects. However, for days when you take down your guard and end up with a high that you cannot tolerate, these 7 ways can help you get through it.

If you feel that you cannot handle your side effects or feel something different than the regular symptoms, consult a doctor immediately. 


Mary Peck is a passionate blogger and loves to write about cannabis and marketing. Her other works include content marketing and SEO. Mary says “I believe in the therapeutic power of alternatives like medical marijuana and educate people about it.”