Science has verified that crystals and minerals carry measurable energy. Researchers have found that the mineral kingdom has coevolved with life. Up to two thirds of the four thousand known types of minerals on this planet can be linked to biological activity, directly or indirectly. Quartz crystals power radios by generating around one hundred volts of micro amps when activated. These crystals generate piezoelectric energy.

According to, minerals are inorganic, naturally occurring substances that have crystalline structures. So it is a prerequisite to be a crystal in order to be a mineral. All minerals, therefore, form crystals.

The basic material used in computer chips is silicon, a mineral produced by heating sand with carbon.

One of my favorite crystals, hematite, is one of the metal ores that conduct electricity.  I often recommend it to people who are just starting out in their crystal journey because it is easier than most to feel the energy of it and connect to it.

We need to be In-tune to the subtleties of the crystal vibrations, by paying deep attention not only to the localized experience in our hands, but also to whatever feelings or emotions or even thought patterns that arise while sensing the crystal. Over time, our sensitivity to the frequency patterns of the crystal will take us on a healing crystal healing journey for lifetime…not only a healing for ourselves, but also all those who get in touch with the healing crystal energy through us.

Quartz crystal cluster

Quartz crystal cluster – Image credit: JJ Harrison (

While crystals will not show you how to levitate, they may help you to meditate and open a portal to universal wisdom.  This may allow you to open your heart and mind to receive information not always available to a dualistic or conceptualized mind.

Like most children, I had always been attracted to sparkly things. I longed to feel the energy and magic of the crystals that I had heard many of my friends rave about for years. I enjoyed the tactile and visual allure of many of them – the beautiful deep green of an emerald, the dark red depth of a ruby.

It took a very long time for me to lose what I guess was my innate distrust of the whole commercialization of crystals and minerals. I considered many of the reactions that I heard about really “over the top.” But gradually, gradually, I did begin to feel the lovely,  subtle energy of some stones. Now, more and more, I can feel stirrings of almost all of them – some more than others.

Try holding a crystal that somehow you are attracted to – whether by color, size, shape or texture – in your non-dominant hand. This should only be done when you are in a quiet space and you are able to be receptive to what is subtle and unseen. While the crystal is in your hand, notice whether you are aware of any other sensations in your body. Some people make a connection to the crystal by silently sending and receiving energy from their heart to the crystal and back or from the space between their eyebrows (third eye) to the crystal and back.

You might, for example, feel a sensation in your solar plexis or even the soles of your feet, or the top of your head. Notice any thoughts that come into your mind as you connect to the crystal while you are in a quiet meditative space. Then, open your eyes.  Get in touch with how you feel.

You may feel calmer and less anxious, powerful and more energized, or more clear -headed  and relaxed. While there are many claims about the healing and transfiguration potential of crystals out there – from levitation to curing cancer- there is much to be said about the genuine healing  properties of these wonderful crystals and minerals. With the proper balance of many healing modalities, such as meditation, yoga, and crystal work, there may be no limit to what can be healed in our body and mind continuum.

The properties are usually connected to our subtle energy centers or chakras. The darker colors (deep red, deep orange, brown, black ) help you to feel grounded and stable.  There is an exercise you can do while holding one of these grounding crystals. In this exercise you sit down and put your feet on the ground, and feel as though your feet have roots growing deep down into to the earth.

I will cover some of the chakras now and will go into greater depth in another article.

For spiritual insight and growth, we connect with our crown chakra, which is located on top our head. The colors associated with this chakra are clear, golden or violet – clear quartz, herkimer, golden calcite, yellow topaz and amethyst are some that come to mind.

Some crystals that are traditionally used for depression include smoky quartz, lithium quartz, and leipodilite .


Hematite – Image credit: Marie-Lan Taÿ Pamart

Crystals that are sometimes used to activate the second or sexual chakra are deep orange in color, such as carnelian, sunstone or orange calcite.

Yellow crystals energize our solar plexus or power chakra. yellow calcite, or bumblebee jasper are just a few.

For a person who Is newly interested in crystals, the different jaspers are a good place to start. They come in all shades, colors and shapes. Jaspers are among the easiest to feel the energy emanating from them.

Herkimer, kyanite, hematite, or ruby are crystals that have very strong energy and are sometimes easier to feel.

Although it’s always best to see the crystals in person, that is not always possible, especially now. That being said, here are online stores I recommend. I have no affiliation with these, but have had good experiences: The Quantum Awakening, The Crystal Crone, Pisces Trading Company.

For the sophisticated crystal enthusiast I recommend Song of Stones.

If you have any questions or concerns about your crystal experience, including purchasing crystals feel free to Email me at

Alice is the founder of Wyze Wymyn of Wynwood, and our resident Wise Woman of Aromatherapy, Crystals, Tarot and otherworldly spiritual matters.

Disclaimer: This information is not to be used in place of medical advice. Please contact your doctor or medical practitioner for any medical advice.