For many who know us, they know we like to have a good time and look for the best to share with our readers.

To that end, from time to time we like to spotlight extraordinary products, services, and venues. This month we want to share with you our experience at an exceptional dispensary in Las Vegas: The Sanctuary.

On our recent visit to Las Vegas, in addition to our usual debauchery, we took the opportunity to continue our investigation of the local cannabis scene. There’s no two ways about it: pot is everywhere. Even to our experienced noses, we were surprised by the ubiquitous, yet pleasant, odor of marijuana wafting in the ether, hoping for an additional contact high. Whether on the boulevard, in the parking garages and at the entrances to pretty much every major hotel/casino we chose to visit, people were getting high.

Always searching for the really cool places, we found this boutique style dispensary that specializes in high quality medical and recreational cannabis with an emphasis on educating medical marijuana patients and recreational marijuana users about cannabis and its medical benefits.

Formed by two Las Vegas doctors, Pejman Bady, DO, and Pouya Mohajer, MD, at the Burning Man Festival, (their first board meeting was inside the Burning Man Temple in 2014), the intention is to continue the culture that upholds the Burning Man ethos of valuing community with an inspiration to creating a space for togetherness.

They have two locations in Las Vegas, the one we visited in the Arts District downtown and the other in North Las Vegas.

They like to host different events that have the feel of art exhibits, showcasing work by local artists. They told us they work to create a space where community and cannabis meet and seem to sincerely care about their customers and community.

In keeping with their emphasis on the importance on educating patients and customers about the wide variety of medicinal and recreational cannabis products including vapes, flower, CBD, tinctures among others, they provide ongoing monthly webinars hosted by Dr. Bady where they cover a different medicinal cannabis topic each month. Dr. Bady is a warm and intelligent presence with deep reserves of knowledge that he freely shares. Here is a link to some of their webinars.

The Sanctuary also offers discounts for “First Fridays,” which is a name given to various public events and festivals that happen in downtown Las Vegas on the first Friday of every month and is especially popular among the art district community.

The Sanctuary will often offer festive product bundles for big events that are popular among the arts community and happening in Las Vegas. For example, this year they offered an EDC bundle to customers.

The founders make an effort and pride themselves in offering product of high quality at low cost. They believe in helping make their products available to better provide relief to people regardless of their financial resources.

There are so many wonderful experiences to be had in Las Vegas, as well as other fine dispensaries.  This is one that stood out for us. We hope when you’re there you’ll have a chance to visit and say hi.

The Sanctuary’s downtown location is located at 1324 3rd St. Las Vegas, Nevada 89104, and is open from 9 a.m. until 10 p.m. on Sunday through Thursday and from 9 a.m. until 12 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. The North Las Vegas location is located at 2113 Las Vegas Blvd N. North Las Vegas, Nevada 89030, and is open 24/7.  For more information please visit Sanctuary’s website at .