Check out these cutting-edge, must-have cannabis gear that nearly any weed connoisseur would be more than happy to have.  Our staff worked overtime to find these gems.  Enjoy!

DaVinci IQC

Photo Courtesy of DaVinci

Be the envy of your local bud heads with this ultra snazzy vape. Boasting an all-zirconia ceramic air-path, intuitive LED settings, and unique Smart Path temperature settings, this slick device is as functional as it is attractive.

Hemper Keeper

We know there are plenty of ways to store and grind your weed, but a device that can do it all is something special. This 3-in-1 device features two air- and water-tight smell-proof storage compartments to keep ground weed and buds separate as well as a removable grinder with ultra-durable teeth all in a sleek little package.

Heir Waterpipe

Photo Courtesy of Heir

Among the many carefully constructed tubes on the market, few are as stunningly elegant and functional as much as the Heir Waterpipe. This crowd-funded masterpiece of design features an extended down stem, ice-friendly glass chamber, and splashguard all making this easy-to-clean gem a must-buy pipe.

Source Turbo

Think creating your own high quality concentrates is just a pipe dream? Think again. The Source Turbo, which is compatible with an easy-to-use app, allows you to safely create botanical oils and extractions from the comfort of your own home both safely and swiftly using your very own flower.


Once you’ve gathered the perfect stash, storing it in style is priority number one. When you want your bud to stay in tip top shape be sure to reach for this humidor constructed purposefully for the devil’s lettuce, with six separate glass containers, high-quality wood construction, and even a double-sealed lid to keep scents inside.