“I’ll take your brain to another dimension… pay close attention”

– The Prodigy 

For those of you who may have seen my recent Head Magazine interview with Eugene-based bong artist Sky Glass, I was lucky enough to get to try one of their pieces for myself, and what an experience it has been!

First I would like to say that I was extremely excited to try Sky’s Lunar Bubbler. The design of all their pieces revolves around fluid dynamics and had me hooked from the start. When you are a fan of glassblowing and bongs to the degree that I am, the world of glass pipes can become something of a blur – it seems to be one recycler after another out there.

Poring over Instagram, or the websites of glass galleries, you’ll probably find that there’s only five or six designs which fans favor these days. And this is always changing due to new artists and innovation coming to the fore, just like with fashion or any other scene.

Photo credit: @natalie_guzy_photography

Photo credit: @natalie_guzy_photography

You’ll find mini rigs have taken center stage, which the hash heads love for taking their dabs, and these tiny tubes often feature intricate drains which create cool little spinning tornadoes and vortices inside the water when you toke on them, but this is occasionally something which feels done for show.

I have owned a few incredibly elaborate pieces that fell totally flat on the function despite their grand designs. Sometimes in glass, good function tends to be sacrificed at the hands of making something look cool. The best glass artists in the game will not only turn heads with the visual appearance of their pieces, but they will keep the user interested with what these little smoking machines are capable of once you get some water inside them.

That brings us back to Sky Glass, which I feel has some of the most recognizable pieces out in today’s scene. Their look feels both vintage and modern at the same time, with clean simple lines. During our conversation they mentioned that one of the earlier pieces had been nicknamed the ‘Skull Crusher’.

Although they have done away with this title in name, its spirit feels very much alive in this plucky, stubby pint glass of a bub. Sky sent us this piece adorned with a hand-written tag detailing the date it was created on, bringing a lovely custom feel to an already beautiful piece. 

Photo Credit:@natalie_guzy_photography

Photo Credit:@natalie_guzy_photography

So, for my first bong review ever, I am going to attempt to cover this pipe the way I think people will want to hear about it. 

For basic details, the piece is around 10” tall, and usually I would never go that short with a piece (my old rule has been never to go below 12” in height because I like the smoke to have plenty of room to travel) so this is a great lesson in size not being a determining factor. 

I found you can get a perfectly flavorful hit using less lung power in a smaller piece like this one, compared to a larger one like my Sovereignty Pillar. The width of the base is around 6” in diameter, with an 18mm joint.

They don’t make the joint size any smaller than this for those of you wanting a 14mm version, however Sky included an adapter and a smaller 14mm bowl size for us to try out! Anyhow, I would recommend sticking with the larger 18mm variety which is what these pipes were designed to be used with as it maximizes the airflow more appropriately.

  • Build quality/ durability – 10/10. Structurally, this bong is sound. The first thing that struck me was the very thick solid glass base, as well as the wall thickness and sparkling nature of the glass itself which is awesome to look at. I’ve banged it on the sink a fair few times already and it does not have one scratch. It has a great weight in your hand when you hold it.
  • How easy to clean – 9/10. Due to having a detachable mouthpiece, which is fitted by a glass on glass joint, I have been very charmed by the process involved with cleaning it. Just sprinkle a little salt and alcohol like you would with any piece into the perc and joint, and you’ll be done in only a couple of minutes. The only real downside here is that the showerhead perc features small slits which are cut quite close together, meaning there is a need to replace the water every few hits due to blockage.
  • Inner can space (room inside bong) 8/10. This bub is a 75mm diameter can, one of the largest applications in bong design which you can come by. Due to this, it has a fantastic “fat” feeling to it, like holding an extra chunky coffee mug in your hand. This is a really important thing to me because the more room allows for more smoke and bigger hits to build up inside it before the final rip. 
  • How easy to clear after rip – 10/10. This piece will bubble up in a huge vortex, shredding up all the water inside with incredible force, resulting in a beautifully clean and rewarding hit. Like drinking fresh water from a stream with weed in it.
  • Bowl design – 9/10. Super important because the bowl totally affects the air flow of the piece. In recent years multi-hole bowls became standard due to having improved air flow. This multi-hole from Sky Glass is really lovely to hold and use, and really nicely finished, and restricts the air properly. It does need to be cleaned quite often, again because the slits are very small, which is the only reason I did not score it full marks here. Most people probably will not be bothered by this the way I am.
  • Rip factor – 10/10. This bong shreds the gnar, without question. 
  • Overall – 9/10. This bubbler reminded me of one of my favorite all-time pieces, the Tiny Sista by Roor. Mine is back home where I left it, and it has been great having one back in my collection which is close to that. The Lunar is a beast of a bubbler and it has consistently put me on my ass every time I used it over the past couple of months.

Photo courtesy of Sky Glass

Photo courtesy of Sky Glass

In summary, while they are not the cheapest brand out there, Sky is certainly one of the most reliable designers, and you are getting what you pay for here. 

As a final note, one thing which continued to put a smile on my face when I used it, is that you can fill the pipe to the top with water, and witness gravity and fluid dynamics at play with a very simple test: when you turn it all the way upside down, the water remains sealed inside despite the massive hole you would expect i all to pour out from afterwards. It feels like a science experiment and a magic trick at the same time. 

Dr. StrainLove is a long time lover of fine weed and is always hunting for the latest and greatest strains.  His search has taken him from the Coffeeshops of Amsterdam to the boutique dispensaries of California, and lots of other places in between. He loves making music, playing video games, and using marijuana to ponder the mysteries of the universe. When he’s not doing those things, he enjoys spending time with his wife and cat.