There are few things better after a stressful day than filling the tub with hot water, dropping in a THC bath bomb, and soaking your cares away.

What Are Bath Bombs?

A bath bomb is a compacted mixture of wet and dry ingredients molded into any of a variety of shapes and then dried. Their primary ingredients are a weak acid and a bicarbonate base. These components are unreactive when dry, but react vigorously by dissolving and fizzing when they come in contact with water. This reaction is very similar to the experiment students did in grade school: mixing baking soda and vinegar to make lava overflow from a volcano.

Other ingredients include:
·       Scents
·       Dyes
·       Lathering agents (e.g., sodium lauryl sulfate)
·       Essential oils
·       Moisturizers

What Are THC Bath Bombs?

To put it simply, THC bath bombs are bath bombs that contain THC oil. Dumping a zip of ganja into your bath bomb recipe won’t work (and is a huge waste of perfectly good weed). The marijuana needs to be decarboxylated and in a form that your body can absorb through the skin. An oil is the perfect solution. You can either purchase THC oil at your local dispensary or brew a batch in your kitchen. Either way, it will be the key ingredient in the following THC bath bombs recipe.

How To Make THC Bath Bombs

Ingredients And Supplies
·       3 tablespoons of THC oil
·       1 tablespoon of coconut oil
·       1 cup of baking soda
·       ½ cup of citric acid
·       ½ cup of Epsom salts
·       ½ cup of cornstarch
·       1 teaspoon of water
·       30-40 drops of other essential oils (optional)
·       Food dye (optional)
·       Bath bomb mold

Notes On The Ingredients And Supplies

·       You can substitute olive oil for the coconut oil
·       If you don’t want to buy straight citric acid, try lemon juice or lime juice instead (either bottled or fresh-squeezed)
·       Add your own combination of essential oils to elicit different effects (e.g., lavender for more relaxation)
·       Adding food dye is strictly esthetic — it just makes the bath bomb and the water pretty colors
·       Many bath bombs are spherical, but the mold you choose can be any shape or size


1.   Measure the dry ingredients — baking soda, Epsom salt, cornstarch, and citric acid if you buy the pure stuff — into a large bowl and mix together with a whisk

2.   In another mixing bowl, combine the wet ingredients — THC oil, coconut oil, water, and citric acid if you opt for lemon juice or lime juice — and mix until well blended

3.   Pour the liquid mixture VERY SLOWLY into the dry ingredients A LITTLE BIT AT A TIME stirring between pours.

4.   When well mixed — everything should hold together when squeezed without crumbling — pack the concoction into your bath bomb mold and press tightly with your fingers (think about packing brown sugar into a measuring cup).

5.   Let the THC bath bombs dry for several days before removing them from the molds.

NOTE: It’s very important to follow these guidelines or the ingredients will react and begin to fizz (the thing you don’t want to happen until you drop it in your bath).

To prevent premature activation, slowly pour a small amount of the liquid mixture (e.g., ¼ to ½ a cup) into the dry ingredients. Gently stir everything together. Pour more liquid in, stir everything until combined, and repeat the process until all the wet and dry ingredients are mixed together.

Place unused THC bath bombs in an airtight container and store in a cool, dry place (not the bathroom) for future use.

Will THC Bath Bombs Get You High?

THC bath bombs will probably not get you high in the conventional sense, but that doesn’t mean you won’t experience some novel effects. The primary result of a THC bath bomb is relaxation. While this feeling is commonly called a body high, it’s somewhat different from the more cerebral head high that most people associate with cannabis products.

If you’ve ever experienced “couch lock,” you’ll be familiar with the type of high. The relaxation created by a THC bath bomb, though, is a distant cousin of the extreme tranquility you’d experience if you smoked, imbibed, or otherwise consumed a high-indica strain. Because absorbing THC through your skin is a VERY inefficient way of getting the cannabinoid into your bloodstream.

While your skin does let some things through in small quantities, its main purpose is to filter out pollutants, chemicals, and foreign matter so that they don’t adversely affect your body. So, while the THC in your bath bomb may be enough to get you seriously relaxed if you took it in through your lungs or your stomach, it may only produce a slight sense of calm when you absorb it through your skin.

Image Credit: moodboard/

Image Credit: moodboard/

Strains For Relaxing THC Bath Bombs

There are so many strains out there, it can be extremely confusing to pick the right one for your THC bath bombs.

Here are some recommendations:
·       Chemdawg
·       Death Star
·       Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies
·       Kandy Kush
·       Yoda OG
That said, don’t be afraid to try other strains as a way to customize your THC bath bombs experience.

The Secret To The Best THC Bath Bombs

The secret to the best THC bath bombs isn’t the household ingredients you mix together. It’s not even the strain you choose as the basis for your THC oil. The real secret is the quality and purity of the cannabis you start with.

Yes, different strains do produce different effects. As a general rule, sativas provide a pleasant brain buzz, while indicas elicit a relaxed body high. That’s why we encourage you to experiment with the strains you use in your THC bath bombs. You can opt for one of the strongest weed strains (with lots of THC) or try a high-CBD/low-THC hybrid to see how that hits you.

It all depends on the results you’re looking for. Regardless of the strain you choose, though, always opt for the highest-quality bud you can afford. Low-quality bud, such as mids and regs, will produce a low-quality final product. That low-quality final product will diminish any of the beneficial effects you hope to experience to the point that you might feel nothing at all.

When you mix up a batch of THC bath bombs, or any edible or DIY recipe for that matter, always use the best bud you can get your hands on — the strain doesn’t matter — so that the end result doesn’t leave you dissatisfied and downhearted.

Plus, with a high-quality, organic strain, like those available through Honest Marijuana Company  you’ll need less THC oil in the bath bomb to experience the effects you’re after. A little oil made with high-quality bud goes a long way. Talk to the budtenders at your local dispensary to find out what strains they recommend for your needs.

Anthony Franciosi

Anthony Franciosi

Anthony Franciosi also known as Ant, is an honest to goodness farmer whose fingers are as green as the organic cannabis he grows. He is the proud founder of Honest Marijuana Co.– an all natural, completely organic marijuana growery in Colorado. The company is a pioneer in the industry, using Earth-friendly recyclable tin cans with pure nitrogen to ensure only the highest level of integrity and quality, launching Honest Blunts, the first organic hemp-wrapped, machine-rolled cannabis blunts as well as inventing the patented Nanobidiol™ Technology, which reduces non-water-soluble substances like cannabinoids into a nano-size so they can be added to candy, transdermal patches, topical lotions, and other cannabis products for the cleanest, most efficient, and most discreet form of cannabis consumption. 
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