Welcome to the new Head Magazine. As many of you know, Head was a wildly popular counter-culture magazine in the late 70’s, when drug culture and the hippy lifestyle was just forming and things were, well, wild. Back then we took incredible risks to cover the new world of marijuana and drug culture, the law, music, sex, and lifestyle issues of the time. We think we did a good job keeping things real, and we know we were dearly beloved. We are particularly proud of our work championing pot legalization (check out some of my editorials of the time) (link and/or section here). Our photos may have been beautiful to some and outrageous to others, but they were never dull. Even our ads became a much needed portal to products and paraphernalia that were available nowhere else.

There have been many requests through the years to re-boot the magazine. The demands have become overwhelming and we believe the timing is right.

Head Magazine will devote itself to all things of interest to “heads”: marijuana news, medical advances, CBD information, paraphernalia, legal issues, entertainment and much more. We will talk about popular culture, film and music and television, politics, relationships, and money. We are again devoting ourselves to being the hub of the new cannabis community – and will continue to be a community for “heads.”

Finally, I must note that we are so gratified to watch the process of legalizing recreational and medical marijuana in many states, and the decriminalization in many others. There is still a way to go – and we will be here to champion them and cover all the news that’s fit to smoke.

Best Wishes,
Charlotte (Greenberg) Parker
Editor and Publisher – Head Magazine & HeadMagazine.com