Charlotte Parker

A few months ago HEAD started in New York as the country’s first paper by heads for heads. We’ve grown steadily with each issue and now we’re able to reach more heads than ever before. HEAD has been lucky to attract to its staff mellow and creative people from diverse backgrounds, including Penthouse Magazine, National. Lampoon, and London Records. We all have one thing in common: in one way or another we’re all heads who wanted to work on something we enjoyed, and were all dedicated to bringing you the finest, most informative, and most entertaining magazine for heads in the country.

What is a head, other than a hard thing on the top of your body or a unit of lettuce? A head is a person who is not afraid to enjoy life to the fullest. It is this great love of having a great time and getting high, coupled with an ability to cope with the problems of the world and of their personal lives by keeping them in perspective and staying mellow, that sets the heads apart in this crazy, uptight world. We will deal with some of the many things that heads are into by featuring articles on dope, food, sex, and music, as well as serious investigative reports on politics and marijuana-related consumer affairs.
Smoking marijuana or being connected with the culture does not automatically make a person a head. A person who rips off another in a dope deal, for example, or who continually cuts his pot with oregano and paper shavings, wouldn’t be a head if he smoked all the weed in Jamaica. We don’t like rip-offs, so we will not advertise in our magazine anything that is ripping you off. If you have a complaint about anything you’ve ordered through this magazine, please contact us and we will investigate it further for you. Much further.

One last word about heads. We can be mellow about a lot of things in this world, but we can’t be mellow about this country’s marijuana laws. Although the trend toward decriminalization is beginning to pick up momentum, the fact remains that more people were busted last year than ever before—nearly 500,000 people. Lies continue to be ruined; millions of dollars continue to be thrown away for ineffective efforts at enforcement; the courts continue to be clogged with cases of marijuana offenders charged with felonies; and the marijuana laws continue to be a national disgrace that is undermining our respect for all other laws. We have to know what’s going on, write our legislators, and generally get behind the people at NORML who are working so hard to bring an end to America’s second disastrous attempt at prohibition.

Hope you enjoy the issue, and stay high.

Editor and Publisher
Charlotte Faye Greenberg

February 1976