Charlotte Faye Greenberg

Many of you have written to me recently asking about how Head got started.

Head began publication 18 months ago as a 16-page New York tabloid “by heads for heads.” At that time I was working at Penthouse by day and secretly putting Head together at night. Later, when Head grew into a 28-page tabloid, I left Penthouse to work on it full time. Beginning with our third issue, the magazine began distribution to headshops outside New York, and by the time our sixth issue was printed, Head was a full color, 80-page glossy magazine with a national distribution of 100,000 copies. And that figure has more than doubled with the publication of our last two issues.

The idea for Head came to me one night two years ago It suddenly occurred to me that there wasn’t a magazine available that catered to the needs and interests of the average marijuana smoker like myself.

Today, millions of people of all ages, colors, gender, social and religious `backgrounds and political persuasions smoke marijuana. Our common de-nominator is dope. Dope brings us all together in the shared experience of pleasure and paranoia.

And this is what Head is all about. It is a magazine for people who enjoy getting high and mellowing out; a magazine for people who like to laugh, but who are sensitive to what is going on around them; a magazine for people who appreciate the sensual pleasures of life, like good food, good music and good sex. And, finally, Head is a magazine for people who find it disgusting that this country makes criminals out of almost half a million marijuana smokers each year and spends countless millions of dollars in foreign countries in a futile attempt to suppress the recreational use of marijuana in this country.

Beginning with this issue, we’re forced to raise our price to $1.75. Thanks to you, our readers, Head has come a long way from the first issue that I paid for with all my savings (and more!), but in order to bring you the highest quality magazine possible for your head, both artistically and editorially, we must increase the price. Unlike our competitor, we don’t have unlimited outside sources of funds, big expensive offices or large expense accounts. Every cent we have goes into this magazine, and I hope you’ll understand and continue to help Head grow.

Charlotte Faye Greenberg
Editor and Publisher

March & April 1977