Charlotte Faye Greenberg

Welcome to Head Magazine. Most people who first hear our name think that we are either a porno mag or a barber’s manual. Some people even think we are a trade magazine for lettuce. All seriousness aside, Head is actually the first magazine that deals with the total leisure lifestyle of the millions of Americans who use marijuana.

Marijuana use today cuts across all racial, sexual, social, economic, and generational boundaries. Head is dedicated to putting to rest once and for all the stereotype of the marijuana smoker as an indolent hippie. Over the next two decades, marijuana smokers are going to form an increasingly large percentage of this country’s journalists, doctors, lawyers, teachers, judges, politicians, scientists, clergymen, military officers, businessmen, community leaders and parents. Far from being an underground publication of some fringe group, Head is the magazine for the fastest growing and most important group in America.

There are many things that bind heads together. Today, one of those things is our shared sensitivity to the absurdity of making criminals out of millions of Americans simply because they enjoy the effects of smoking a harmless plant. Countless lives have been ruined and countless dollars and man-hours wasted in the futile attempt to suppress the casual use of marijuana. How can people have respect for Law when laws remain on the books that have no rational basis? Head will continue to speak out against the viciously unjust and senseless marijuana laws and do its best to help bring an end to the national tragedy of Marijuana Prohibition.

More than anything else, however, heads are bound together by the fact that we are all people who like to party, get high, make love, listen to music, savor food, have fun, and for a little while mellow out and not take ourselves or life so seriously. If you’re a person who enjoys life and all its pleasures, both sensual and intellectual, then Head is your magazine.

Charlotte Faye Greenberg
Editor and Publisher

September 1976