If you enjoy smoking a blunt, with its hefty feel in the hand and pure marijuana inside, here are some pro tips and tricks that can enhance your experience, making it a truly enjoyable smoke, every time.

Have Your Supplies At the Ready

Like a chef who sets out all their ingredients before starting to cook, not wanting to run to the pantry for that forgotten item in the middle of the effort, a similar prep before you sit down to enjoy your blunt is a good idea. You don’t need a lot of items, but who wants to settle into a good smoke only to find that the ashtray is in another room?

What do you need? For starters, you’re going to need a way to light your blunt, the aforementioned ashtray, your bevvy of choice to go with your smoke, and tunes or a movie, for visual context and relaxation. Depending on where you’re enjoying your blunt, a sploof for masking the odor might be in order. And depending on who you’re enjoying your blunt with, you might want to think about having your cannabis lube handy!

Being prepared means you can sit back and really relax into the moment, which is the whole point!

Don’t Forget to Inhale

The bottom line with smoked marijuana is that if you don’t inhale it into your lungs, you won’t experience that delicious high. So if you’ve smoked a blunt—or joint or spliff—and had no reaction? You weren’t inhaling.

Think of it like breathing through a straw. If you can breathe through a straw, you can inhale. If you’re not sure, practice with the straw before you spark up.

Young woman smoking cannabis

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Don’t Just Inhale: Hold the Smoke

Inhaling and exhaling quickly will still let you get high but it won’t be nearly as effective as what you’ll experience if you inhale and hold the smoke. Obviously, you don’t want to be turning blue, but holding for as long as you can gives your lungs the chance to take in the cannabinoids, transferring them to the bloodstream, which ultimately leads to a better high. Even counting to two while you hold will improve your experience.

You’ll get high faster and it will be more intense than if you just inhale and exhale without holding.

Don’t Forget to Drink… Water, That Is 

Cannabis has a dehydrating effect, so while you might want your bevvy of choice, mentioned above, to contain alcohol, you definitely shouldn’t ignore some basic hydration.

Your best bet to avoid dehydration is to drink two cups of water before you settle into your smoke, and set up two more for after you’re done inhaling for the day / night.

If you use a water bottle, you’ll be able to physically see when you’ve had enough water. Just remember that alcohol is not a substitute for water. It too will dehydrate you.

Take Your Time

Unlike a basic joint—which usually measures in at about three inches—a typical blunt is double that length. And it’s not just about length. The width of a blunt is around ¾ of an inch. These two size factors together add up to a lot of cannabis!

The beauty of a blunt is that you can in fact stop smoking it and put it out, if you feel like you’ve reached a high like none other. Going too far can just leave you feeling a little sick, so don’t feel any pressure to finish a blunt. Instead, save it for another day!


On the list of items to have on hand before you get down to enjoying your blunt, you might want to add one more: snacks. If you’re inhaling and holding, enjoying your epic high, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’re going to get hit with a case of the munchies, right after.

Plan your snackables ahead of time so you’re not making a potentially bad decision when you’re in the middle of your high. Whether that’s having everything on hand in advance, or your order for delivery already set up on an app, having your snacks on hand within about thirty minutes of beginning your smoke session is ideal.

After all, there is great pleasure to be had in enjoying your large, cheesy pizza without having to leave your house.

Know Your Limits

Just like the over ambitious runner who thinks they can run the local half marathon, even though they’ve never run more than around the block, you need to know what your capacities are when it comes to smoking a blunt.

Assuming your earlier marijuana experiences are with the smaller joints, think back to those times. If you were easily getting high after inhaling on a joint only a few times, a blunt will require even fewer tokes to achieve nirvana. It’s important to remember that given the size of a blunt, it packs a lot of marijuana!

While you can’t technically overdose on marijuana, you can make yourself pretty sick if you overdo it. It’s one thing to know your limits and push them a little, but it’s another to push them over the edge!

Get the Best Cannabis You Can

Smoking like a pro isn’t ultimately about the accessories, or even technique. It’s about the quality of the product. If you get a blunt filled with inferior weed, you’re going to end up with a less than stellar high.

A pro is looking for organic whole flower cannabis, machine rolled with a hemp wrapper. These elements will give you a solid, consistent smoke that you will really enjoy. You also want to be certain that there isn’t any tobacco being cut into the marijuana, so you really need to know that you’re buying from a reputable source.

What to avoid?  Blunts wrapped in cheap cigar paper. There is a definite difference for your overall experience if you opt for blunts wrapped in organic hemp leaf.

Don’t settle for less than the best you can afford and experience cannabis the way it was meant to be. Above all? Have fun!

Anthony Franciosi

Anthony Franciosi

Anthony Franciosi, also known as Ant, is an honest to goodness farmer whose fingers are as green as the organic cannabis he grows. He is the proud founder of Honest Marijuana – an all natural, completely organic marijuana growery in Colorado.