The world has seen a crazy time since the advent of  the COVID-19 pandemic. After the first case was identified in the city of Wuhan in Hubei province of China, this virus spread like wildfire across the world. With the recorded deaths due to this pandemic reaching around 4 million, it has now become the reason for anxiety, panic and other such mental health issues for billions of people who are sitting at home and stressing about what to do next in their lives.

One solution for the treatment of stress and anxiety that people were and are suffering from, due to this pandemic, is to go for medical marijuana. Consuming marijuana is at an all-time high, as many people want to experience a little bit of peace in a world, which, at the moment, seems like such a dark place.

However, there are many reasons for concern for people who are consuming cannabis during COVID-19. Owing to the methods of consumption proper safety precautions need to be followed to make sure that the virus doesn’t spread. Here are some ways to consume marijuana safely in the age of Coronavirus.

Image by chuck herrera from Pixabay

Image by chuck herrera from Pixabay

Edibles, Tinctures, Oils and Such

The first thing that one can remember for the safe consumption of marijuana is to go for MMJ edibles, tinctures, oils and other products which do not require direct contact of other people, especially for patients who are treating severe health symptoms in their bodies. They need to take special care to ensure their safety. Extra caution is advised to make sure they do not accidentally get corona while administering their regular dosages. 

Avoid Sharing Joints, Vapes, Pipes or Bongs

The practice of puff, puff, pass needs to take a pause. From time immemorial smoking in a group has been considered a friendly activity but, due to the threat that practicing such activities during the pandemic poses, one must be more careful. Smoking joints, bongs, vapes and pipes in a group has become a more dangerous method of consumption of cannabis during COVID-19. As this pandemic is significantly affecting the respiratory system by the transfer of droplets, it would be more prudent to avoid sharing. ‘Only one person per tool’ is the guideline that would be wise to practice.

What to Keep in Mind While Preparing Joints for Others

Joints are another popular method that people prefer for their consumption of marijuana at home. To practice the safe consumption of weed via joints one must keep in mind certain steps while pre-rolling them.

  • Wash hands properly before sitting down for the task.
  • Wear a mask.
  • Instead of the usual way of licking the joint to seal it, use a sponge and water.
  • Put freshly made joints in separate plastic bags.

What to Keep in Mind While Receiving Pre-Rolled Joints

While receiving pre-rolled joints there are certain precautionary measures that one needs to take to make sure that the transaction is clean and without the exchange of germs and disease-causing viruses. The following steps are suggested.

  • The basic etiquette of washing hands before and after smoking should be practiced.
  • The maintenance of the physical distancing area is also very important in these cases.

If You Plan to Smoke or Vape

The activity of smoking or vaping should be used with caution if you have a condition that affects your respiratory system. COVID is known to affect the lungs and respiratory system and smoking affects those organs.

  • Avoid taking deep inhalations and holding your breath.

Order Online

Good advice for anyone who is trying to find good cannabis products during a lockdown or quarantine is to search for them online. Instead of taking risks and going to offline dispensaries or stores it is sometimes best to be safe and find a verified online store where you can choose the perfect product and have a safe overall experience.


The rethinking of ways to engage in the consumption of marijuana is a sign of the times. For safe consumption, and to ensure legal safety in the areas in which it is legal, one can also apply for a Medical Marijuana Card Online. With an MMJ card you can enjoy multiple benefits in terms of legal protection, tax savings, and put a seal on cannabis use.

Robert Job is a blogger who enjoys writing about health and fitness.