Look, we already know what you’re thinking: my grandma? SMOKE A JOINT?! Not a chance! While it may seem unusual to think of the seniors in your life lighting up a spliff, marijuana can actually be hugely useful in dealing with age-related conditions like chronic pain, fatigue, or insomnia.

If you’re a senior citizen looking for a natural remedy (or if you’re tired of watching your beloved granny struggle in her golden years), there’s sure to be a strain perfectly suited to your needs. Here are just a few of the best:

Green Crack

Green crack is a strain with one high-profile endorsement: Snoop Dogg. A combination of sweet leaf indica and skunk #1, Snoop himself named the strain because of the uplifting high he got after trying it — a high that made him feel more awake and alert.

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Image credit: Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Seniors who suffer from fatigue throughout the day can benefit from a hit or two of this little beauty. Green Crack offers you a huge boost of energy without feeling too spacey, so you can keep moving and feeling your best. The fresh, mango-like flavor is also a welcome treat, making it a great midday aperitif.


There’s nothing more frustrating than watching a loved one deal with chronic pain. You want to help them, to take it away, but there’s nothing that you can do… until now. Harlequin, a 75:25 sativa-dominant strain, is perfect for any senior who wants to treat arthritis and other chronic pain naturally.

Harlequin relaxes you to treat inflammation and joint pain; however, unlike other strains, this relaxing high won’t leave your granddad sedated on the couch all day. Instead, he’ll enjoy an energizing high, so he can make the most of his pain-free moments throughout the day.

Bio Jesus

Many senior citizens struggle from insomnia, which is often an unfortunate side effect of their chronic pain. This can wreak havoc on their physical and mental health, resulting in a cycle of discomfort and poor health that really takes a toll. Sometimes, a good night’s sleep can be the greatest healer — and Bio Jesus is just the strain to make it happen.

This strain contains high levels of Myrcene, which both induces relaxation and relieves pain. Seniors who use Bio Jesus will enjoy an intoxicating high that will help them drift off in no time at all. However, it’s important to note that this strain contains up to 28% THC, so it’s not the wisest choice for first-time smokers.

Blue Dream

Like Bio Jesus, Blue Dream is a strain with a high level of THC (up to 24%). However, this cross of super silver haze and blueberry indica offers a relatively mild high, which makes it a great choice for seniors who want to avoid “couch-lock.”

The high THC levels in Blue Dream dull pain receptors in the nervous system, which helps relieve chronic pain throughout the body. Users will feel more relaxed (and according to some accounts, more creative), but they’ll still be alert enough to get about their day and tick some boxes off the old to-do list.

iPhoric 2:1 Tincture

Finally, there are some seniors who simply aren’t interested in smoking ANYTHING. That’s ok; there are still some options available for people who want to try marijuana remedies without smoking. For example, seniors might want to use tinctures or topical treatments for a smoke-free high that offers the same effects.

One great tincture for seniors is the iPhoric 2:1, a high-CBD strain that helps relieve chronic pain and inflammation. Just like Blue Dream, this strain gives users significant pain relief plus a functional high. Seniors can take their tincture in the morning, feel better throughout the day, and everyone else would be none the wiser!

Marijuana can be a great tool for senior citizens looking to improve their well-being — but not many seniors know about it. You can help the seniors in your life find relief from pain, insomnia, fatigue, and a whole lot more if you introduce them to one of these strains today…

…And remember, the kids who went to Woodstock are pushing 70 today. Odds are, your grandma might know more about “Mary Jane” than you think.

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