Valentine’s Night can be deliciously passionate with the right fancy restaurant, pricey wine, sexy outfit and saucy bedroom. But you still have all of Valentine’s Day leading up to that – why waste the foreplay? Get your partner simmering in romance all day long by showing them how much you love them with the following tasteful, cute and spicy gifts on Valentine’s morning.

Note: Consult your physician before consuming cannabis and cannabis-infused products. Read all product warnings prior to consuming cannabis-infused products.

Amoré Chocolates by Sensi Chew

Chocolates are a great Valentine’s Day gift, but your partner deserves better than a box of chocolate-covered mysteries from the checkout stand where you’re paying for groceries or gas. Instead, get them Sensi Chew’s Amoré chocolates. In addition to being gourmet quality, these are souped up with THC and Tongkat Ali to infuse them with tantric sexual energy. (Plus, they’re low calorie!)

Northern Lights Love Gummies by Atlas Cannabis Co.

Like the package containing these potent treats, your partner will be screaming “LOVE” with Atlantis Cannabis’ aphrodisiac gummies. These take between 45 minutes and two hours to kick in, so have your lover wrap up their day with something that can soak in before you meet up.

Weedhearts by Dad Grass

Discreetly give your lover a pack of five pre-rolled CBD joints from Dad Grass, concealed in the nostalgic packaging of a Valentine’s Day staple, conversation hearts. (Note: Actual candy not included.) Your partner will feel like the cutest kid in class!

Vapordisiacs by Nuud

Available in five flavors (passion fruit, strawberry passion, vanilla lavender, citrus peppermint and watermelon mint), Nuud’s aphrodisiac vapes will smoothly intensify your intimacy with your partner. Enjoy a hit once or twice throughout the day to get your body excited about what awaits it.

Gummies Sweet Hearts by JustCBD

If your Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without candy hearts, go for the kind that doesn’t resemble sidewalk chalk. JustCBD offers some squishy, savory gummies that will relax your sweetheart and make their day more mellow.

Cannabis Candy Hearts Coffee Mug by WetPaint420 and Cannabis Coffee by Jane’s Brew

Who doesn’t love a matching set? This clever coffee mug is perfect for coffee infused with CBD or THC. Jane’s Brew roasts boast the perfect blend of caffeine and cannabinoids, giving your partner a coffee experience sure to keep them … percolating throughout the day.

We hope you’ll spoil your partner this Valentine’s Day by snagging one (or more) of our top picks. This February 14th, be sweet, romantic, sexy and – above all – safe. Keep the love flowing from the next morning onward.

Image by Marco Verch via Creative Commons CC BY 2.0 Deed

Image by Marco Verch via Creative Commons CC BY 2.0 Deed