Company: 710 Labs

THC: 32%

Aroma – Garlic, mushroom and onion funk 

Taste – Citrus, earth, Sour Patch kids profile  

Strength – Strong 

In the snowy mountains of Colorado, hash rules everything around them, and one company by the name of 710 Labs has been crowned king by the cannabis community. They are the team behind one of the most sought after brands out there today, and responsible for creating some of the loudest and most lip-smacking flavors I have tried in quite a while, or maybe ever.

Photo by @natalie_guzy_photography

Photo by @natalie_guzy_photography

710 is known for one thing above all else, “terps”. But what are terps for the uninitiated? Similar to how the DJ was once more famous than the MC or the rapper in the early days of hip-hop, 710 has cunningly crept on stage, stolen the mic, and then busted an absolute show-stopper of a freestyle to the enraptured crowd.

By that analogy, I am referring to the DJ as THC levels, and the terps as the MC. Cannabis users are caring less about THC volumes today, and more about the actual terpenes, essential oils which create flavors the aroma characteristics found in cannabis, which yield intense flavors and effects.

When I first got to try one of 710 Labs’ products, I was very taken in by their packaging design – clean, white and ceramic looking in appearance, like something you’d expect to find in a science lab.

Upon opening the jar I was greeted with another rarity – a metal disc insert, helping to seal in the freshness and sharing important notes on the ethos and philosophy of the brand. 710’s flower is grown in living soil, with real worms and all, and in layman’s terms this is a great thing and the general direction the scene is moving in today.

While I found my first purchase from them a few years ago to be very enjoyable, an Apple Fritter cut which happened to show up in my favorite local dispensary, it didn’t move the needle for me in the way I wanted. Cut to a few years later, and 710 is ubiquitous on the scene.

They have pushed forward with an aggressive marketing strategy and can be seen at almost every cannabis event throughout the country, not to mention the numerous pop-ups they have hosted. 

Circling back to what they are best known for, which is creating flowers and concentrates with incredible terps, many fans might offer that the flower isn’t what they are looking for as much as they are seeking globs of buttery looking rosin and badder, which are then consumed in dab form via slurpers, slurpees and quartz nail bangers on devices like the excellent Puffco. 

Photo by @natalie_guzy_photography

Photo by @natalie_guzy_photography

While I do enjoy their flower immensely, it’s quite obvious once you get to try a dab of the concentrates that they are the star of the show. And of course, great concentrates could only ever come from great flowers.

While some budtenders might tell you 710 typically doesn’t produce flower with high THC levels, don’t let that mislead you or put you off (obviously for some of you that will be the reason you might want to purchase in first place) because for the seasoned veterans among you, this is an even, balanced smoking journey, and I think the best way to describe it is as a curated experience, like walking through a marijuana art gallery. 

I got to sample some of their delicious flower recently at the monthly Smoker’s Paradise sesh event in the Palm Springs desert, where they are a regular fixture on the scene, and I got hands-on with their Ode to Riley rosin, and was lucky enough to get hold of some Garlick Cocktail flower.

My eighth contained at once the earthy, funky, downright nasty GMO profile – which stands for Garlic, Mushroom and Onion for the unaware – and also a refreshingly bright citrusy side neither my wife or I expected from the initial fragrance we experienced on first cracking the jar. 

A good few bowls in on my new Bear Mountain Studios double bubbler (more on that later), which also fittingly comes from Colorado, and the Garlick Cocktail had me firmly on my ass and not sure what to do or where to move. This was a heavy head high, with an equally heavy body high.

Photo by @natalie_guzy_photography

Photo by @natalie_guzy_photography

I’ve also had the opportunity over the past few months to try their Cake Crasher strain, which was absolutely trenched in resin, and Gakk Smoovie, one of the best titled strains of all time, which reminded me of a beautiful floral Zkittlez cut. I found some on sale for the Pride Parade here recently for around $30 and although it was more than a year old, which many aficionados will tell you is a very bad thing, I still found plenty to enjoy about it. Even at full price, which retails for $40-50 per eighth at most good dispensaries, it’s still great value. 

The final thing on my list to try from 710 are their “Persy” strains – specially cultivated top shelf strains which go for a little higher in price, and  have not managed to get my hands on one yet.

So if you get the chance, why not try some 710 in your smoking apparatus. You will be in for an uplifting ride on a rollercoaster through a terpene-soaked wonderland!

 Check them out on Instagram at 710labsconnects.

Dr. StrainLove is a long time lover of fine weed and is always hunting for the latest and greatest strains.  His search has taken him from the Coffeeshops of Amsterdam to the boutique dispensaries of California, and lots of other places in between. He loves making music, playing video games, and using marijuana to ponder the mysteries of the universe. When he’s not doing those things, he enjoys spending time with his wife and cat.