Have you ever imagined how fulfilled your life would be if only someone gave you the opportunity to demonstrate your skill as a columnist, correspondent, critic, essayist, journalist, or reporter?  Well, it turns out that HeadMagazine.com is expanding its (virtual) writer’s room and, if you’ve got the write stuff, there may be a place at our table for you. Our readers are interested in all things relating to marijuana culture- naturally that includes cannabis, but also the arts (things like film, television, music and actual art), lifestyle (technology, humor, life-and-style), business (money, money, money and, of course, money), the stuff that goes on in the real world (politics, health, existential threats to our existence, and self-grooming), and the stuff that goes on inside your head (sex, becoming hot, being cool, and sex). So, if you think you have something to say, and if we think you have the ability to say it, maybe we can work something out. Just let us know who you are by sending a short note of interest to write@headmagazine.com and we’ll get in touch.

The editors.