With the popularity of recreational cannabis increasing, many Americans find themselves taking edibles for the first time. One type of edible in particular that intrigues many consumers are rosin gummies.

As one would suspect from the name, Rosin Gummies are made from rosin, which is a marijuana extract that is commonly made from flower that is flash-frozen right after being harvested, then is pressed using heated pads to squeeze out a hot translucent resinous sap.

This process creates a type of oil that retains the full spectrum of the compounds found in marijuana plants, including cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Rosin is also solventless, meaning that no chemicals or solvents are added to it during the extraction process.

For comparison, Butane Hash Oil (also known as BHO), requires a vacuum oven to purge residual solvents and with butane and ethanol extractions. Even with the purging process, it may still contain some residual chemicals, while rosin is guaranteed to always be solventless.

As a result, it is organic, gluten-free, kosher, and vegan and many consider rosin to be one of the purest forms of concentrated marijuana. While rosin can be less potent than similar concentrates containing solvents, it also depends on what is used as a starting material.

Many rosin users say they find it to be more flavorful, cleaner, and purer than edibles that are made from other marijuana concentrates, due to the lack of chemicals and the process of making it better at preserving terpenes. Some users even make it at home, due to the simplicity of its extraction process, not requiring familiarity in chemistry or botany, though most users still obtain it from dispensaries for a more consistent and convenient experience.

Various marijuana brands currently make their own rosin gummies to varying levels of success. Ript, a marijuana brand by Colorado-based manufacturer Ripple saw the launch of its own line of live rosin gummies called Ript on Rosin last year.

These edibles are considered by Ripple to be affordable but high quality and available in multiple flavors via the manufacture’s patent-pending emulsion technology. The director of R&D at Rosin has been quoted saying that they always lead with quality and their combined decades of expertise in manufacturing along with their focus in process and consistency has allowed them to produce amazing products at a low cost, and they have chosen to pass the savings directly to their customers. These edibles are currently available in packs of 10 and 100 mg of full-spectrum THC with a suggested retail price of about $14.

Another Colorado-based brand, Dialed In, launched in 2020, was one of the first makers of edibles to infuse their gunnies with rosin. They also gained popularity due to their collaborations with growers and extractors in Colorado, such as 710 Labs and Soiku Bano.

Dialed In currently has 32 different flavors of rosin-infused edibles and were initially being sold at about 550 dispensaries all around Colorado but, as a result of their recent acquisition by cannabis ownership group Sun Theory, they have become available at even more dispensaries, including local Colorado chains 3D Salida, Durango Rec Room, and Roots RX, all of which are currently owned by Sun Theory. Dialed In founder Jason Manegold feels that the brand’s acquisition will broaden their audiences and expand their reach, meaning that even more cannabis users will have to opportunity to take rosin-gummies.

The venerated multi- state brand, Wyld, launched a rosin gummy line called Good Tide to complement their line of existing popular edibles. The Good Tide three flavors, Pineapple, Guava and Mango offer the corresponding feelings of uplift, balance and mellowness. What’s interesting, is that they give the actual strain they use on each of them, which can change.

Another multi state company, The Growers Circle, which is primarily based in Nevada has had success with their Hash Rosin brand Flight Bites, which are popular with many folks.

Another California-based cannabis brand PAX last year expanded its portfolio of vaporization products and released a line of live rosin gummies, the company brand’s first edible THC product. Created by a team of chefs, food scientists, and culinary innovators, PAX’s rosin gummies are hand-molded and kitchen-tested in small batches to perfect the edible’s flavor and texture profiles.

Each package contains 100mg of THC through 20 individual 5mg THC servings and is available in three all-natural distinct flavors made with real fruit: Heirloom Peach, Wild Strawberry, and Summer Mango. These packages are currently available at dispensaries in Massachusetts, California, Colorado and New York for around $28. Overall, rosin gummies have shown that edibles are capable of being both all-natural and completely flavorful without breaking the bank and opening the door to edibles finding a greater impact on society and culture.

AJ Favorito is a freelance writer, photographer, and filmmaker specializing in comedy and animation. 

Editor’s Note: This article is independent editorial.  Head Magazine has not received any influence or monetary incentive from any company or product in this article.

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