Company: Maven Genetics 

THC: 32%

Aroma – Gas, light tangerine 

Taste – Soap, rosé wine, citrus, cheese, sweet and savory

Strength – Strong

Every so often, a new flower emerges onto the scene which is so daring and unpredictable it causes a stir. It gets people talking and then, it quickly becomes the taste du jour.

Word has spread like wildfire about this new flower, French Laundry, which recently won accolades in the California “Za-lympics” 2023 Awards, among others at competitions around the country.

Photo credit: @natalie_guzy_photography

Photo credit: @natalie_guzy_photography

While I am not sure they have completely achieved that, I would say French Laundry offers a great set of qualities, with effects varying nicely between head and body, and is good for relaxation at night.

I believe the reputation it has gained so quickly is due in part to the background of the company who created it, Maven Genetics, having produced some extraordinary flowers in the run-up to releasing French Laundry.

My first experience with Maven was with the Blueberry Mac, and for any of you who read my previous reviews Mac is an absolute monster of a strain which I favor over many of the others on the market right now.

Photo Credit: @natalie_guzy_photography

Photo Credit: @natalie_guzy_photography

I won’t go into too much detail about that flower, since this is a review for French Laundry, but I will say their Blueberry Mac strain was one of the most interesting and powerful sativas I have tried for some time, not to mention also being a fascinating cross of two incredible parent strains.

We will delve more into that flower on another occasion, and I absolutely recommend going out to try it if you haven’t already. Maven has also garnered my attention for having excellent prices at most dispensaries I have seen it at.

On cracking the jar, the fragrant nose is reminiscent of standing at a gas station while filling up a car – get ready for the petroleum to hit you in the face, along with some pleasing notes of citrus.

Photo credit: @natalie_guzy_photography

Photo credit: @natalie_guzy_photography

Once it hits the palate, alongside the vague cheesy side of the flavor, you find a sort of sweet and savory type of experience, and perhaps the term charcuterie here is better suited for describing how one might experience several flavors at once in a fine dining restaurant. 

It reminded me slightly of the Blue Zushi flower by Ten Co, one of the best and most sought-after flowers of the year last year. As someone who is incredibly picky with their flower, I can recommend that this is definitely one worth trying and brings something a little different to the table along with it.

Top work from Maven Genetics, I am looking forward to seeing what else they can come up with.

Dr. Strainlove is a long time lover of fine weed and is always hunting for the latest and greatest strains.  His search has taken him from the Coffeeshops of Amsterdam to the boutique dispensaries of California, and lots of other places in between. He loves making music, playing video games, and using marijuana to ponder the mysteries of the universe. When he’s not doing those things, he enjoys spending time with his wife and cat.