Well, it’s that time of year again when the Head Magazine staff gets busy figuring out the best cannabis gifts to give and receive.  Always a fun project, this year’s list is below.

Sploofy Pro Smoke Filter

There are so many times you want to take a toke, but don’t want the divine smell of the smoke to call attention to itself, or even linger in your living room. Unlike some of the others, this comes with an eco-friendly replaceable cartridge system and an updated mouthpiece with a tight seal. There are many sploofs out there, but we think this is the best.

$21.99  https://www.sploofybrand.com

Levo II Infuser

Where do we start? This is an amazing machine that can do so much – from making your own edibles and brownies, to creating bath bombs and salves. This excellent piece of equipment is able to make restaurant quality infusions of herbs, spices and botanicals inside healthy fats and oils. This is the kind of machine that can serve you in myriad ways limited only by your imagination and trial and error. The company is also getting high marks for support from its customers.

$299  https://levooil.com 


Hemper Tech Freshwipes

How do you get rid of that nasty buildup of resin and gunk in your pipes and bongs? Easy, get a bucket of these wipes that are specially treated to get rid of all those nasties that stop the good stuff from coming to you.  They’ve got a smooth side and a rough side for the really tough jobs.

$4.99 https://www.hemper.co/collections/all/products/hempertech-freshwipes


Bong Appétit (the Book)

For those whose love of cooking is only matched by their love of weed, there is no better gift than this extensive and complete cookbook from the editors of MUNCHIES, Vice TV’s food division. Destined to be the new state of the art cooking with cannabis instructional, the recipes vary from simple to gourmet, and go from cocktails, appetizers and entrees to desserts. They instruct on how to infuse cannabis into many butters and sauces and along the way give a great deal of interesting knowledge and history. A terrific bonus is advice on potency of the recipes.

$17.90 (Hardcover) on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Bong-Appétit-Mastering-Cooking-Weed/dp/0399580107

Veil OG Room Odor Eliminator Spray

So, you took your toke, but the room smells of the endeavor. What to do? Spray Veil and all traces will be gone and replaced with the faint smell of sweet orange, black pepper and cedar.  Their spray doesn’t mask the smoke, but breaks it down and eliminates it. Made with organic essential oils and easy on the environment, it sounds like a good thing to have around when unexpected company drops in. 

$9.99  https://smellveil.com 

Full Spectrum CBD Cooling Cream

Created by Martial Artist and Bodybuilding Champion Ronny Camacho to help his best friend, Kempo Sensei and Army Veteran Derek Bolds, through stage 4 pancreatic cancer, this peppermint scented cream is made with organic ingredients and hemp derived CBD (2,000 mg. per 2 ounce jar) along with Arnica and Aloe, specifically to help with muscle soreness and joint pain.

$49.95  https://4lyfwellness.com/shop/full-spectrum-cooling-cream/