Marijuana sales break tax record numbers

Tax collectors should be thrilled, as last year’s legal marijuana sales generated a record three billion dollars collected in the eleven states where pot is legal. This represents a three hundred million dollar increase from the year before.  NBC News reports that next year’s numbers are projected to go even higher, as six more states have joined the legal sale of marijuana.


Medical marijuana could soon be covered by insurance in New Mexico

The Land of Enchantment itself could soon require insurance companies to cover medical marijuana after receiving pressure by Ultra Health. As reported by Marijuana Moment, Ultra Health has sent a letter to insurance companies and state agencies about a new law that eliminates cost-sharing and out-of-pocket costs for “all medications” in relation to substance abuse, mental illnesses, and trauma spectrum disorders, which by definition should include medical marijuana.


Oklahoma growers report medical marijuana market booming

Since legalizing medical marijuana in 2018, the Sooner State has seen an economic boom with the creation of about 12,000 marijuana-related businesses. NBC News tells us that’s due to the state’s relaxed set of regulations, and the fact that almost 10% of the state’s population owns medical marijuana cards.


Is Maryland next to legalize?

Maryland lawmakers have begun debate on legalizing recreational pot. Baltimore’s public radio station WYPR-FM reports from Annapolis that the Maryland House and Senate are separately working on bills to present to the voters in the upcoming November election.


Minnesota could be one step closer to legalization

The land of 10,000 lakes could soon join the ever growing list of states to legalize. Local station Fox 9 KMSP reports that Governor Tim Walz is calling on lawmakers to legalize marijuana and is even offering $25.2 million of his budget to fund a cannabis management office. And while there is strong support for legalizing marijuana in Minnesota, the state senate has unfortunately failed to pass similar bills in the past. Fingers crossed.


Colorado employees may soon be safe from being fired for marijuana use

Despite being one of the first states to legalize recreation marijuana, Colorado still allows companies to drug test their employees and fire them for using cannabis. But Local ABC7 Denver reports that that may soon change with a proposed bill which would ban such practices going forward.


Detroit considers a new licensing process for local marijuana businesses

Detroit radio station wdet 101.9 FM reports that the city council proposals a new recreational marijuana policy. Under this new policy, Motor City will distribute a limited number of dispensary licenses and permits but an unlimited number of licenses for other marijuana-related businesses such as growers, processors, and transporters. 


New York approves provisional growers licenses

The Empire State has signed legislation that will permit growers in the state to apply for two-year provisional licenses as reported by the Rochester City Newspaper. These licenses contain limitations which will hopefully create healthy competition as suppose to domination by large corporations.


City in New Mexico to get new entertainment district that accommodate marijuana use

On the border of Texas and New Mexico, the City of Sunland Park is set to open a new entertainment district for citizens to buy and sell cannabis after recreational marijuana becomes legal in New Mexico in April 1. When talking to local ABC7 station KVIA, the city manager acknowledges hopes that everyone in the conservative community will understand the profits that recreational marijuana will bring in.


Over 3 in 4 Floridians support legalizing

A recent poll by the University of North Florida has found that 76% of voters in the Sunshine State approve of legalization while only 20% of voters oppose, as reported by Marijuana Moment. These numbers are an increase of 12% from when North Florida conducted a similar poll back in 2019. Now the is question is whether we will see these polling numbers turned into law.


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