February is the month of Valentine’s Day and romance is in the air. If your romantic dream is to get married in a grow house, or perhaps the world’s largest marijuana dispensary, or just a simple backyard affair with friends and family, you’re in luck!

Cannabis weddings are becoming more prevalent and there are tips galore to be had at publications and sites as diverse as Brides to the well-known wedding site, The Knot.  The fact that marijuana and its incorporation into nuptials is becoming more widespread has been cited by Bloomberg, Time, Fortune and many others.

There are a lot of offerings out there, but here are a couple that stood out for us.

Las Vegas Cannabis Tours is offering Las Vegas Cannabis Weddings. You can get married in a real grow house, surrounded by the wonderful plants and heavenly aroma of marijuana.  Or, if a wedding at Planet 13 Las Vegas, the world’s largest dispensary, strikes your fancy, that can happen too.

Planet 13 is happy to now offer cannabis themed weddings and help make such an important day unique. Vegas has always been the perfect spot to say, “I do” and for the cannabis connoisseur, getting married at the world’s largest dispensary makes it even more special,” says David Farris VP of Sales and Marketing.

For $2,222 those who want to celebrate on the special dates of Valentine’s Day and the memorable date of 2/22/22 lovers can get a wedding that includes the officiant, 60 photos, a videographer, wedding bouquet and boutonniere with cannabis leaves, a green wedding cake, his and hers matching bottle bongs, buffet style munchies for the bride and groom and four guests, pot party favor gifts bags, and a helicopter ride over the Las Vegas strip for the entire wedding party.

There are several other packages they offer, as well as add-ons like a bud bar, cannabis wedding thrones, and even wedding dresses.

Certainly a wedding to remember and plenty to tell the grandkids! This offer is good for the whole month of February (2/2022).

Alan Katz (center) surrounded by his team at JointVows.com

Alan Katz (center) surrounded by his team at JointVows.com

Another great opportunity is Alan Katz and his organization, Joint Vows.

Joint Vows provides professional wedding officiants to couples “that enjoy the high that life and cannabis brings them.” They are excited to help couples get married who enjoy cannabis and want to integrate it into their ceremonies in some way.

When cannabis became legal in California, Alan, a former stoner (now sober 30+ years), embarked on a quest to help couples enjoy their love for one another and their love of weed.

Shortly after that, he designed a well-attended seminar for the wedding industry that explained strains, budtenders, cooking and more. You can see that presentation here.

According to Katz, “Many in the industry shy away because they think it is just everyone getting stoned and it just being a drama filled night. I try to show industry professionals that it is just like any other wedding just instead of people getting drunk and belligerent some people choose to have a more mellow experience.”

“Being a sober former pothead allows me to see what really matters from both sides of the aisle and has enabled me to be objective and realistic about how to do these ceremonies.”

Dusty and Clara Higgins kiss in front of their marijuana plant at their Weed Wedding Reception

Dusty and Clara Higgins kiss in front of their marijuana plant at their Weed Wedding Reception

One of the most wonderful weddings with a cannabis theme we have heard about was the wedding of Dusty and Clara Higgins in Colorado. According to Clara, it was weed that initially brought them together.  She was working across the street from her future husband when her friend suggested she see Dusty, as she was having some pain and he provided the cannabis to help her out. The rest is history.

Clara and Dusty have been in the cannabis business for 12 years and own the dispensary, The Bee Dynasty, which has two locations in Grand Junction, Colorado.

They celebrated their union with a marijuana theme. They had a bud bar with different varieties of pot along with bongs, pipes as well as edibles. The wedding took place on their ranch where they grow their own weed as well. Some of the plants even made it into the wedding photos.

Clara goes on to say, “Being ourselves was really important to us at our wedding.

Taking the first rip out of the wedding bong after the ceremony was like jumping the broom. Smoking the first bowl together as a married couple was ceremonial to us.”

The wedding was a giant success and a wonderful celebration. Clara says it was very mellow and all the guests, whether they partook of the weed or not, had a wonderful time. She goes on to say that there were absolutely no leftovers and not a morsel of their giant wedding cake was left behind.

Clara Higgins takes a toke during her Wedding Reception

Clara Higgins takes a toke during her Wedding Reception

Clara had a bong custom made for the occasion by Noble Glass Gallery of Eugene, Oregon. So many people contacted her after the wedding that she created a bong wedding line with them.  Noble Co-owner Randy Smoller says the wedding line is “very cool” and loved working with Clara. She offers the line Queen Bee on her Bee Dynasty site as well.

There are many suggestions out there for how to incorporate weed into your wedding including tips on having a cannabis bar, hiring a budtender, obtaining cannabis party favors, hiring an officiant and more.

Charlotte Parker is the Editor and Publisher of Head Magazine

Disclaimer: The above article applies to where marijuana is legal. Check your local laws for legality of controlled substances and always consider the safety of all your guests.