Dr. Rob Pomahac

Dr. Rob Pomahac

There is enticing evidence that CBD can ease chronic pain and possibly treat some medical conditions. Whether it is CBD acting alone that delivers these benefits, or if exercise, nutrition and other lifestyle factors also need to be implemented to obtain the desired results, remains a question.

After taking a deep dive into the CBD scientific research and having multiple discussions with experts in the field over the last fifteen years, the one question I wanted a clear answer on was, does any of this stuff really work? One thing that is clear, is that the marketing proponents of CBD are strides ahead of the actual science.

CBD remains in a regulatory gray area with the Food and Drug Administration. The agency has started to issue warnings over manufacturers’ more egregious claims of therapeutic effects. One of the important points of the FDA’s most recent warning was that the manufacturer’s claims are attempting to “establish the intended use of your products as drugs.” The FDA does not allow individual manufacturers of dietary supplements to make any claim with regards to the safety or efficacy of their supplements, without conducting extensive, third-party verified, research studies.

The approach of using CBD as an alternative for pain management and cellular inflammation can and should be validated through existing diagnostic testing. This would demonstrate if CDB really does work to ease chronic pain and inflammation.

I specialize in applied spinal biomechanical engineering and its association with muscle, joint, nerve and soft tissue dysfunction. Through our physical medicine department, I use objective data collection which helps me determine an individualized treatment plan to help correct the physical biomarkers of chronic pain and inflammation.

If the patient presents with positive findings on their somatic and autonomic nervous system evaluation, I then refer to our cellular medicine depart for potential further testing. The more we know about why the patient has been unable to get of out chronic pain, the better we are able to provide the appropriate treatment.

Our cellular medicine dept can determine the effects of CBD treatment by running the following lab tests; Comprehensive blood panel to examine for inflammation, pain, and fatigue. Hormones to examine inflammation, tissue damage, and pain. LDH to examine inflammation, cell health, and tissue damage. CPK to examine inflammation, tissue damage due to minor brain trauma. Lipid profile to examine metabolic syndrome risk factors.

The cellular medicine department than provides specific CBD isolate combinations to treat the positive lab tests and then re-runs the lab tests in 6 months to perform a pre and post comparative study to help determine the effectiveness of CBD and changes in lifestyle including dietary changes, exercise, sleep and meditation.

In the world of pain management, you are only as a good as your objective data collection and providing a one-to-one solution-based approach. Having an integrated medical team allows us to use alternatives to traditional prescription medications via CBD and provide proof that it is making a difference at a cellular level.

We have just completed our first trials of using specific isolate combinations in the treatment of cellular inflammation and the results have been encouraging on both a subjective and objective level. We have had 73% improvements in the post lab testing comparisons and an 85% improvement in subjective questionnaire comparisons. I genuinely believe that CBD can play a vital role in pain management and inflammation reduction at a medical level with objective testing to validate its effectiveness.

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Dr. Rob Pomahac was named “Top Chiropractor” by Los Angeles Magazine in 2018. A Canadian native and ex-professional hockey player and bodybuilder, he specializes in spine pathology and ligament instability, Dr. Rob is certified in Chiropractic BioPhysics and is an Associate Member of the American Academy of Regenerative Medicine. He earned his Doctor of Chiropractic from Southern California University of Health Sciences and holds a Masters in Science, Specializing in Kinesiology, from Canada’s University of Waterloo. For more information on Dr. Rob visit DrRobPomahac.com