Company: Claybourne Co.

THC: 35.10%

Aroma – Sharp musk, sweet fruit, pine

Taste – Earthy, rich, funk

Strength – Very strong

Having partaken of so many different flowers over the past two decades, and being of a certain age, it often strikes me that I don’t find very much that is new or exciting with the world of legal cannabis these days. When I do find something that ticks that box I get so excited that I literally want to write home about it, and here we are.

In my previous review, I mentioned how hard it can be to find enjoyable sativa strains which work well for the day time smoker, outside of those flowers which I already know and would purchase again from my go-to brands.

With this in mind, it gives me great excitement to review an excellent flower called Super Sport from Claybourne Co. I found the name to be playful and in keeping with how I often try to describe what a perfect sativa or daytime weed should be – it’s similar to a sleek new sports car. It’s expensive, impractical and costs too much money, but it’s also fast and a lot of fun to try out on the weekend. 

Photo credit: @natalie_guzy_photography

Photo credit: @natalie_guzy_photography

As you can tell from the photographs, this flower is quite spectacular to look at – vivid lime green and oranges permeated these buds which were surprisingly beefy in their structure.

On cracking the jar open, the nose is one of my favorite aromas, combining sharp musk and fruit into a wonderfully heady concoction. The best description I could come up with is that it smells ‘X-Rated’, like you shouldn’t be smelling it, which I find to be intoxicating in itself. That usually tells me the experience will be something special, but it’s not always a guarantee. 

Super Sport is from Claybourne Co.’s Gold Cuts range, representing the best of the brand’s premium strains and flowers, and I was taken back by the 35% THC strength, and the weight of the flower’s effects. Mostly I find sativas are great for short bursts in the day, such as being sociable at parties, but they tend to have very little lasting effect and usually just leave me wanting more, or leave me feeling washed out.

Photo credit: @natalie_guzy_photography

Photo credit: @natalie_guzy_photography

For me, however, I want something more, and although that expectation is rarely met, Super Sport packed such a formidable punch it left me contemplating just what kind of dark magic Claybourne must have dabbled in to create this beast. The lineage is a combination of three extremely heavy hitters which seasoned chron-noisseurs may already be familiar with: Chemdawg, Kush and Mac. It tastes earthy, rich and funky, all the things I want my flower to taste like.

From an early experience I had with Mac, which I believe is an acronym for Miracle Alien Cookies, it has always been one of the strains I found most interesting to explore, and one of the strongest, which offers a very multi-dimensional experience. Super Sport is no exception, and at low doses you can expect a glorious, bright and uplifting cerebral feeling from it. At heavier doses however, it might put you to sleep in front of the TV without realizing you’ve drifted off. 

Photo credit: @natalie_guzy_photography

Photo credit: @natalie_guzy_photography

That said, this is a wonderfully functional flower, which I would recommend to anyone looking for a flower which packs that certain punch and zing to it. I also enjoyed how easily I was able to find it at my local dispensary, Atrium in Woodland Hills, and how prevalent it was in dispensaries at other places such Palm Springs.

While I am not sure that all of Claybourne’s individual strains can live up to the reputation of Super Sport, I am intrigued to know more about the flowers they are producing. The box which houses the jar claims the flower to be a ‘Certified Banger’ and Claybourne, I am happy to say you have earned my seal of approval.

Dr. Strainlove is a long time lover of fine weed and is always hunting for the latest and greatest strains.  His search has taken him from the Coffeeshops of Amsterdam to the boutique dispensaries of California, and lots of other places in between. He loves making music, playing video games, and using marijuana to ponder the mysteries of the universe. When he’s not doing those things, he enjoys spending time with his wife and cat.