I’m a fan of psychedelics.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours reading articles, watching documentaries, rewatching Paul Stamets’s Ted Talk, listening to Joe Rogan & Alan Watts, or taking screenshots of Alex Grey’s work to use as wallpaper for my desktop – it’s great art.

And while dipping my toes into experimenting with psychedelics, I’ve had some incredible conversations with many psychonauts who have sailed down the microdosing path. 

According to Harvard Health Publishing, “There isn’t a single, clearly recognized definition of microdosing for any psychedelic drug.  One definition is approximately 1/5 to 1/20 of a recreational dose…which is typically around 0.3 grams.”

I’ve been amazed by how even the smallest doses can change how they see the world and themselves, like they’re channeling ancient wisdom from a different realm or something, and so, I became curious, and went down a bit of a rabbit hole. 

People have been linking psychedelics and philosophy together for ages. 

These trippy substances have been used by different cultures to unlock deeper insights about our minds, the world, and who we are. Normally, you would need to take full blown trips to be able to get these deeper insights, but with microdosing as an alternative to tripping without losing all grips on reality, it makes you wonder whether they still can help you open those philosophical doors. And assuming that they can, what parts of your personality would you need to have to get your philosophical insights quickly?

Image created by Joel Darkwah using NightCafe

Image created by Joel Darkwah using NightCafe

First, you’d need to be open minded. 

Think of it as the soil in your mind’s garden – where all your big ideas, questions, and thoughts start to grow. It’s about genuinely absorbing an idea, thinking it over and over, and maybe, just maybe, letting the idea change you instead of just saying yes to everything. Take Aldous Huxley, for example. 

On a lovely day in May in 1953 at 11:00 AM, he was given 4/10 of a gram of mescaline, looking to explore the idea that the brain is a reducing valve that restricts consciousness by taking mescaline.

A radical idea, yes, but also a very open-minded idea. And instead of saying “yeah probably”, and accepting his idea without a challenge, he experiments, giving into his intellectual curiosity.

Without it, he would have never tried mescaline, or even come up with his idea. 

It’s the relentless quest to dig deeper into what you think you understand or already know. Take Terrence McKenna, arguably the most intellectually curious psychonaut to date, for example. He dove headfirst into the mysteries of the mind, what makes us ‘us’, and lots of other philosophical musings, each blowing your mind or through your understanding of reality, spirituality, science, and more. 

And I’ve noticed that in their more reflective moments, when their intellectual curiosity and open mindedness collide, is the sweet spot for amazing conversations. 

But without the right ‘set and setting’, those great conversations would have never happened.

Image creared by Joel Darkwah using NightCafe

Image creared by Joel Darkwah using NightCafe

Like philosophers, they understand that where they use psychedelics can really influence their experiences, and insights. Microdosing is more than a source of enjoyment for them, it’s how they approach self-exploration and enhance their creativity. Neglect your set and setting, and you’ll increase your chance of a negative experience. 

Unless you want a bad trip – then by all means, go for it. 

Here’s a quote you’ve heard all your life that is really easy to forget: “no one has all the answers”.

And yes, that applies to psychedelics as well.  

But, it doesn’t mean that tripping at all won’t give you some answers.  It takes bravery to step into the unknown with an open mind, while letting the chips fall where they may. Albert Camus, another old philosopher, once wrote, “the realization that life is absurd cannot be an end, but only a beginning. This is a truth nearly all great minds have taken as their starting point”. 

Microdosers embrace the chaos that comes with psychedelics, and create amazing conversations, as if they are philosophers. 

Image creared by Joel Darkwah using NightCafe

Image creared by Joel Darkwah using NightCafe

With such values, it makes it feel like anyone could become a philosopher by microdosing psychedelics. 

They have values that help them grow, see the world in new colors, and bounce back from tough times. And when you’re dabbling with psychedelics, or are looking for a heroic dose, incorporating these traits into your personality (if they’re not already), can help yone get more profound, and reflective insights from tripping. 

And have mind blowing conversations great enough to push your non-microdosing friends over the edge, into the world of psychedelics.

Joel Darkwah is a marketing writer. He is obsessed with working out, eating right, spirituality, and his little siblings.

This article and the opinions expressed, are for entertainment purposes only. Head Magazine recommends getting approval from your medical practitioner before using any psychotropic substance. Always obey the law in your area.