According to the CDC over 8 million US adults are electronic cigarette users. Many are turming to E Cigarette Mods.  The term ‘mod’ refers to a vape pen or vogue electronic cigarette that has been ‘modified’ to be a lot more advanced. Vape Mods are available in many variants, however you must be careful while choosing one.

If you’re somebody who is attempting to quit smoking, you’re not alone.  More than half of smokers would like to quit smoking but can’t, due to addiction. According to many, electronic cigarettes are the next best thing to real smoking. 

E-cigarettes heat a liquid (extracted from tobacco), flavorings, and other different chemicals to form an aerosol that you simply inhale and get the same feeling as smoking a real cigarette.

Consuming electronic cigarettes rather than conventional ones may also assist to eliminate the odor that is offensive to a lot of people.  Vaping also has an aroma, which is less intense than a traditional cigarette-smoke aroma. Vaping may also provide control over nicotine intake within the body.

If you’re beginning to vape and are on the lookout for your first vape mod, you may like one which is simple and straightforward to use. It’s a common mistake to get the costliest mod out there, but it’s better to get a simple one to start.

There are nearly endless flavor choices in e-liquids. Among the most popular flavor classes are fruit, desserts, beverages, mint  and tobacco. To somebody new within the vaping world the limitless choices thrown at you by the vaping market may be overwhelming.

Photo by Renz Macorol from Pexels

Photo by Renz Macorol from Pexels

Here are some pointers about using vape mods with e-liquids for electronic cigarettes:

  1. Coil Material: Check on the specifications of your electronic cigarettes and whether it will support sub-ohm vaping (lower than 1 ohm, which allows for more smoke and taste) or not. Vape starter kits or vape pens will have a limit on the coil resistance they support, typically in terms of sub-ohm coils. This is often a necessary demand if you wish a much bigger limit of coil resistance. Sub-ohm coils perform higher with high VG e-liquid. A word of caution, use solely the original vape mod and original e-liquid to get the simplest potential expertise while not harming your body.
  2. Power Control: After you apply the mod to your electronic cigarette, you can correct the power usage for a more exact and precise mod of the burn rate. You may also have the ability to manage the ability output voltage of your mod. This will elevate your smoking experience if done correctly. This mod also can permit you to customize the voltage to fit your own sort of vaping.
  3. Longer Smoking Experience: Several electronic cigarettes users face this issue. The battery invariably runs out at their most required time. The inbuilt battery is functioning simply fine, it’s simply that you are using it to its maximum. Use a mod to increase the battery capacity.
  4. Temperature Control: This is often a really specific variety of vaping that suits some vapers. After you press your button to vape, it takes a couple of moments to succeed in its optimum temperature. This is often referred to as ‘ramp up time. Temperature management vaping permits you to heat up at a preferred rate.

Madhan Kumar is a freelance writer and blogger in the recreational smoking world.