Senate Passes Bipartisan Marijuana Research and Reform Bill

As reported by Marijuana Movement, Democrats and Republicans in the US Senate have unanimously passed the Cannabidiol and Marihuana Research Expansion Act. The bipartisan bill in question is intended to simplify the application process for scientist that plan on studying the benefits of cannabis, allow to doctors to discuss cannabis treatments with their patients, and encourage the FDA to work on marijuana-based medical treatments.


Recreational marijuana’s first year in Maine brings in over $50 million in sales

The Pine Tree State has seen an increase of marijuana sales of around 20 percent a month since recreational marijuana became legal in September of 2020, according to a report by economist Michael Donihue and the Colby College economics lab. According to the Bangor Daily News, Maine’s marijuana industry has made more $58.5 million in its first full year of sales, resulting in the state receiving $5.85 million in sales tax and creating 900 new jobs.


Massive marijuana facility set to be constructed in Ulster County

Local Spectrum News 1 reports that Cresco Labs has plans to turn an abandoned knife factory off Route 209 in Ulster County, NY into a massive recreational marijuana facility, bringing 400 jobs to the local village of Ellenville. The facility is set to open 18 months from now and may lead to other transformational changes in the struggling community, such as hotel renovations, and the creation of new local businesses including a new cafe and a juice bar.


Dispensary set to open up in Annville

Medical cannabis company, Fluent has purchased a former pizzeria on Route 22 in Annville with plans to turn the building into a dispensary, their third local since expanding into the Keystone State. As reported by local news website, Lebtown, the Florida-based company has purchased the $700,000 location with the help of real estate company, Red Bell Partners who helped them secure many of their Florida locations.


Communities in Michigan set to receive $42.2 million collected from cannabis sales

Local Fox2 Detroit reports that communities in the great lake state are set to recieve over $42 million from taxes collected from Michigan’s 374 licensed marijuana businesses in 2021, creating a massive impact on the state’s budget. An additional $49.3 million will also be sent the the state’s School Aid Fund and another $49.3 will be sent to the state’s Transportation Fund.


Savannah City Council prepares for potential legalization of marijuana in Georgia

The city council in Savannah believe that it is only a matter of time before medical marijuana is legalized in the Peach State and they want to be ready for the changes. According to Local WTOC11, Mayor Van Johnson is open to legalization in the state, but feels that the city is in need of a plan of how dispensaries will be regulated, where they can be set up, and what kind of license they will have when legalization comes at the state or even federal level.


Marijuana sales find success on Native American Reservation

As the Empire State awaits the launch of recreation cannabis sales in the near future, Native American reservations in the state are already seeing the benefits of legalization. Local NBC4 New York reports that marijuana shops in the Mohawk, Cayuga, and Seneca reservations have successfully tapped into the multibillion-dollar market and have brought much-needed economic benefits to their land.


Rochester prepares for regulations of local marijuana sales

As reported by Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester Mayor, Malik Evans has presented a rough timeline to the press of the rollout of dispensaries in the city in order to regulate businesses and limit the number of dispensaries in a single neighborhood. Rochester decided back in December to not prevent the sale of recreational marijuana in the city, but still plans to pass policies that limit and restrict cannabis sales in the area.


Consumption Venue set to open in Detroit

Motor City is set to open Michigan’s first marijuana consumption venue in the city’s metro area. Local4 Click-On Detroit has reported that the venue, called Hot Box Social, has recently received its operator license and plans to create a space where consumers can smoke weed and eat edibles amongst the venue’s other patrons with an opening date set for this summer.


Cannabis processing facility set to begin construction in Guadalupe

Santa Maria Times reports that the city council of Guadalupe has approved a permit process for a cannabis processing facility in the California city; the first marijuana-related business in the city since adopting a commercial cannabis ordinance last year. The 6-acre site will begin construction once the permit process is complete and is expected to be open as early as July.


Poll data finds that Americans have higher approval of Marijuana over Alcohol

Marijuana Movement has reported that a survey by YouGov has shown that 27% of the over 10,000 Americans surveyed believe that society would be better if people used more marijuana and less alcohol compared while 20% which had said they believe the opposite, showing a change in public opinion on certain recreational drug. Despite this thought, 38% still said it would be neither good nor bad and 15% weren’t sure.


City in Mississippi set to discuss newly passed Medical Marijuana Law

With The Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act having gone into effect on February 2nd and communities in the state being given 90 days to discuss whether-or-not they want to opt-out, The Neshoba Democrat has reported that aldermen from the city of Philadelphia, MS plan to meet in April to discuss this new law and whether or not they decide to opt out. Nearby Madison County Gluckstadt have both already decided to opt out, but local cannabis companies plan to gather signatures in order to force a vote to overturn this decision.,54166


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