New survey finds that Americans support Cannabis Banking Bill

A recent poll conducted by Morning Consult has revealed that a majority of Americans support marijuana-related businesses being allowed to use normal banking services and that the government should approve a bill to accomplish this. As reported by Marijuana Movement, 2,210 took part in the survey, conducted in February, with 65% in favor and only 15% opposed.


Smokeable marijuana now covered under Medical Marijuana in Minnesota

The North Star State has recently changed its’ medical marijuana policy to now include smokeable cannabis after previously only offering marijuana in pill, oil, and liquid form. According to Axios Twin Cities, edibles are scheduled to be included starting in August, but Minnesota’s current medical marijuana program has many restrictions compared to other states and the legalization of recreational marijuana is unfortunately still up in the air.


Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana sellers speak at State Senate hearing about legalization

As reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer, medical marijuana sellers were invited to the second senate hearing about legalizing recreational marijuana in The Keystone State, which is luckily receiving support from both political parties. The sellers’ main recommendations for the politicians are to have low taxes to prevent illegal sales, let medical marijuana companies be the first sellers, and have a firm deadline for the law to take effect.


Gower Facility set to open up in Jackson this summer

Recently founded company, Kelly’s Green, plan to take advantage of Mississippi’s legalization of medical marijuana by opening up a facility in the state’s capital city after they begin issuing grower licenses later this year. As reported by the Local NBC station WLBT 3, the company is set to open up a 40,000 square foot facility that will eventually expand to 80,000 and bring 130 jobs to the local area paying $15/hr.


Bill protecting marijuana users in Illinois passes in the state’s house

State representatives in The Land of Lincoln have recently passed a bill that protects workers from being fired for marijuana use, according to Marijuana Movement. The bill in question would prevent companies in Illinois from firing employees or rejecting job applicants due to failing a drug test for low levels of cannabis use while not at work or on company property.


NCAA changes cannabis testing policy and penalties

ESPN has reported that NCAA officials have changed the threshold for marijuana use in drug tests for college athletes from 35 nanograms per milliliter of THC to 150 nanograms and they have lowered the penalties for athletes that do test positive, effective immediately. These changes are in line with the levels recommend by the World Anti-Doping Agency due to cannabis not being categorized as a performance-enhancing drug.


Organizers hope to get medical marijuana on the ballot in Nebraska

According to reports by local NBC 6 station WOWT, State Senator Anna Wishart is working with two organizations that hope to collect enough signatures to get medical marijuana on the ballot this November in the Cornhusker State. The organizations hope to collect enough signatures before the July deadline and even plan to collect signature outside an upcoming Snoop Dogg concert in Lincoln on 4/20.


Philadelphia non-profit helping people with past Marijuana charges

Local Philadelphia station NBC10 reports that Jevs Human Services is helping get individuals who have been arrested in The City of Brotherly Love for first-time Marijuana-related charges reintegrate themselves back into society. The program allows participants to commit 22 hours of community service in order to get their cases dismissed without having to go to trial and has recently expanded into neighboring Montgomery County.


US Veterans show support for easier access to Medical Marijuana

Marijuana Movement reports that veterans service organizations have called on the federal government to relax cannabis use restrictions at joint Senate and House hearings about how to better serve US veterans. The organizations all had variations on what they feel the federal government should do, but they overall felt that veterans will benefit from common-sense solutions to medical marijuana treatment and research.


Beto plans to legalize if elected governor of Texas

If elected Governor of Texas in November, Democratic hopeful Beto O’Rourke promises to legalize marijuana in The Lone Star State. As reported by NBC6 news station KCEN-TV, interest in legalization by Texans has increased massively in the past decade and advocates feel that the time to push for decriminalization or even full legalization in Texas is now


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