Alice answers questions about all things New Age. The founder of Wyze Wymyn of Wynwood, is our resident Wise Woman of Aromatherapy, Crystals, Tarot and otherworldly spiritual matters. She sends wishes for the happiness of all beings – and that includes you.

The inhalation of essential oils has been proven to change brain chemistry. These days aromatherapy is enjoying immense popularity because people realize that oils can help with depression, anxiety, grief, fear, pain, insomnia and so much more. For those who are open to it, oils can enhance feelings of spiritual wholeness, facilitate meditation, and can help us get in touch with another dimension of ourselves.

Certain aromas will open the crown chakra, help fill the holes in your heart, or simply help you relax into a state of more spiritual awareness, if that is your goal.

Following are some oils and what they are commonly used for in aromatherapy .

The citrus oils are renowned for their ability to relieve anxiety and depression. Many an older grandmother from the “old country” would burn lemon or lime peels on a stove burner when people or occasions were sad. We do not recommend this method now for safety reasons; the better way these days is to inhale or diffuse the oils.

Orange Blossom/Neroli has an antidepressant quality and is uplifting.
Lemon will clear your mind and help with mental focus. It will also as give you an energy that will lighten your heart.
Lime is considered an antidote for sadness by aromatherapists, and is also energy enhancing.
Do not use Lemon or Lime oil if you are going to sleep soon.

For sleepy relaxation use Lavender, but be aware that there are at least 11 different kinds of Lavender, all with slightly different properties. Some high quality aromatherapy suppliers, such as has a very reasonably priced sampler of all the lavender oils so you can see how you react to them.

Himalayan and high altitude lavenders are my personal favorites because they are fuller and have a more complex smell. A lot of people like the Bulgarian lavender because it is sweeter than the rest.

Rose is a wonderful life-affirming smell, commonly used for emotional health and grief.
There is no oil that supports a mature woman’s spirit like true rose. It is beautiful, full bodied and luscious to experience.

Rosemary is an all-purpose healer for physical and emotional health. It is balancing, enhances brain function, and acts kind of like an adaptogen in that it can be calming or energy giving depending upon what is needed.

There are many spiritual oils that can help relieve a sense of ennui or a lack of interest in the world around you. Frankincense will open your crown chakra and help assist in attaining a state of higher consciousness. There are many different varieties of this multifaceted oil. My personal favorite is the White Frankincense. I also love the Black Frankincense, which is deeper and has a more grounding effect. People resonate with different varieties of this high level oil – so trying different ones can be a beautiful adventure. Frankincense can also be used therapeutically for pain relief and smooth skin. (if you see the word Boswellia in your pain or skin cream, that is Frankincense.)

If you have a deep sense of not being connected to people or the earth and feel very alone, some of these grounding oils may help. These root oils will plant your feet firmly back on terra firma. Use Vetivert, Angelica, Oakmoss, Cardamon, Geranium, or Spikenard.
After using them, close your eyes, put your feet firmly on the ground, and imagine roots growing from the bottoms of your feet through to the earth.

There is a whole world of magic and science to be found in the aromatherapy adventure.

A word of caution: I recommend you don’t buy “perfumed or fragrance oils” for aromatherapy. Buy pure essential oils from a reputable company. I have found the best ethically sourced, most reasonably priced and highest quality oils to be at or

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Disclaimer: This information is not to be used in place of medical advice. Inform you doctor or medical practitioner if you use oils. Always keep your oils in a cool, dry place, securely placed away from children and pets. Learn the safety information and interactions and side effects of each oil used. Never ever apply any oil undiluted directly on your skin and do not swallow oils.