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The State of Marijuana in New York and Hawaii

Hawaii Back in 2000, then governor of Hawaii Ben Cayetano signed Act 228 into law, which allowed marijuana cardholders to grow their own plants. However, the law didn’t establish a legalized marker for marijuana dispensaries. In...

Marijuana Medical Cures

Marijuana Medical Cures Cannabis treatments have been found to help with alleviating symptoms of- if not treating- a wide array of conditions and ailments. Here, we take a look at some of the major illnesses and see how cannabis...

Nursing Mothers and Marijuana

Marijuana is the most commonly used drug among nursing mothers.  It’s been argued that pregnant and nursing mothers use marijuana to manage the side effects of pregnancy. However, that has not been clinically proven. This...

Medical Marijuana Cures

There have been commendable breakthroughs in the cannabis industry in the recent past, particularly in the field of medical marijuana thanks to the ever evolving technology and marijuana laws.   The legalization of...

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